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Global FOSS-related Judicial Cases

This is the collection of free and open source-related and CC-related cases decided in various jurisdictions, including China, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, etc., arranged by the OpenAtom Foundation. This page is continuously updated, and we appreciate any suggestons you may have!

This page will not be updated regularly, you can refer to our repo at AtomGit for the latest information.

The collection of cases mentioned above references:

  • ifrOSS's colleciton of cases in Germany, France and other countries in European Union (see ifrOSS website);
  • Book: The Open Source Rule: Cases, Licenses, and Open Source Organizations (Ping Zhang, Ed., and Meiling Xu, Executive Ed. - Beijing: Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2022.11 ISBN 978-7-5130-8376-8);
  • Book: Open Source for Business: A Practical Guide to Open Source Software Licensing -- Third Edition (Heather Meeker; Translated by Liu Wei. --Beijing: Posts and Telecommunications Press, 2023.5 ISBN 978-7-115-60171-1).

The above case collection is prepared by the OpenAtom Foundation. We are intended to share legal resources related to the open source industry. We only provide link to those publicly available contents. However, the website registration may be required for accessing some of the cases. This collection itself does not represent suggestions or the official opinions of the OpenAtom Foundation.



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