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Project Description:

hapjs project is an open source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation, is the open source implementation of the Quick App standard. It is based on the intelligent hardware platform of lightweight application form , driven by multiple intelligent hardware vendors consisting of Quick App alliance to jointly develop standards.

Project Features:

The hapjs framework has been deeply integrated into the OS of various cell phone manufacturers, and has covered more than 1 billion devices with more than 300 million monthly users.

The native rendering capability of hapjs and its deep integration with OS enables it to achieve the same functionality and experience as native apps, as well as desktop retention and push capabilities.

hapjs also has the ability of point-and-click, direct service access, content externality and other capabilities that native applications do not have, which greatly improves the user experience and application distribution efficiency.

Through the cooperation of this open source project, we can allow all kinds of device vendors and platform vendors who are interested in supporting the fast application ecosystem to access it quickly.

The technical specifications have been harmonized to ensure that developers can develop once and run directly on all hardware devices that support the Quick Apps standard.

Project Architecture: