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As the first and only open source foundation in China, we invite more tech companies to join us and work closely with other donors, so as to promote the development of open source projects and ecosystems. With our resources and professional services, you will be able to experience closely the best open source practices. By attracting partners and speeding the iteration, you can set up your own open source strategies. You will become a participant and a pioneer to define and defend the standards of cutting-edge open source technologies. As a neutral organization working transparently on the needs of open source developers, we strive to promote open source collaboration and innovation, thereby sharing the fruits of open source technologies.

  • Financial Giving
  • Project Contribution
  • OpenAtom Partnership

Financial Giving

General Sponsorship

Enterprises, organizations or individuals can make non-targeted financial donations to OpenAtom. If the donor does not limit the donation to specific activities or projects, it will be coordinated and used by the Foundation for various services that are in line with its purpose, including the maintenance and services of the infrastructure of open source projects, the protection of OpenAtom's trademarks, and the support needed for various open source empowerment programs. With all these, we can promote the spread of open source culture, the active and prosperous development of open source community, and ensure the sustainable development of open source projects.
  • Extraordinary Sponsorship
    10 million CNY/year (minimum)
  • Platinum Sponsorship
    3 million CNY/year (minimum) for no less than 3 consecutive years
  • Gold Sponsorship
    1 million CNY/year (minimum) for no less than 2 consecutive years
  • Silver Sponsorship
    200,000 CNY/year (minimum)
* For financial giving, please contact: TEL: 010-59258678*8007 Email:

Project Contribution

Companies, organizations or individuals are welcome to donate your open source projects to OpenAtom for incubation.

As a neutral organization providing managed solutions, we support successful incubation of open source projects with transparent governance, dedicated teams, professional mentors, extensive services, various collaboration opportunities, and a growing, vibrant community of developers to promote sustainable development.

We provide professional services to OpenAtom incubated open source projects.

Categories of ServicesSubcategoriesItems
Financial ServicesFinancial SupportProject Financial Support
FundraisingProject Fundraising
EscrowProject Escrow
Project Financial Management
Project ProcurementProject Procurement Services
Financial AuditCompliance Audit for Projects
Governance ServicesProject GovernanceTemplate for Project Governance Bylaws
Project Organizational Structure and Role Settings
Template for Project Collaboration and Management Processes
Project Documentation Guidelines
Project Contribution Guidelines
Executive Secretary Appointed by OpenAtom
Recruitment Services Provided by OpenAtom
Compliance GovernanceCode Compliance Analysis
Compliance Strategies, Planning and Evaluation for Open Source Projects
Community GovernanceGuide to Building Community Leadership
Guide to Community User Growth
Guide to Community Contributor Incentive Plan
Marketing ServicesBrand PromotionBrand Promotion via OpenAtom New Media Matrix
Participation in OpenAtom Promotion Campaigns
Event MarketingExclusive Exhibition Booths at OpenAtom Conferences
Organizing Sub-forums at OpenAtom Conferences
Co-organizing Events with OpenAtom
Trademark ServicesTrademark Design
Trademark Registration
Legal ServicesOpen Source LicensesOpen Source License Management and Risk Assessment
Open Source Intellectual Property (IP)Open Source IP Management and Risk Assessment
Contract ServicesContract Review and Professional Legal Advice
MentorshipProject MentorsAssigning Professional Mentors to Projects
Providing Mentorship Plans Based on Project Progress
Evaluating the Maturity and Health of Projects
Services for DevelopersWorkshopsGuide to Workshop Organization
Event Planning, Organization, and Implementation of Workshops
Developer Grow-up PlanGuide to the Developer Grow-up Plan
Event Planning, Organization, and Implementation of the Developer Grow-up Plan
Training ServicesCertification TrainingMentorship Certification Training
Developer Certification Training
IT Infrastructure DevelopmentAccount ManagementUse and Maintenance of OpenAtom General Account
Code HostingGuidelines for Git Code Hosting Management
CLA/DCO on Git Code Hosting Platform
CI/CD on Git Code Hosting Platform
Code ComplianceCode Compliance Analysis.
Website BuildingWebsite Design, Development, Operation and Maintenance
Other IT InfrastructureDevelopment of IT Infrastructure (such as forums and wiki pages)
Ecosystem ExtensionBD SupportBD Support from OpenAtom
Communication with Our Sponsors

Guide to Project Contribution

  • Sign a Non-disclosure LetterThe donor signs a non-disclosure letter/agreement with OpenAtom.
  • Submit the FilesThe donor submits project files.
  • Review the FilesOpenAtom reviews project files.
  • Review the ProjectTechnical Oversight Committee (TOC) conducts a further review for incubation decisions.
  • Review the CodesOpenAtom reviews project codes.
  • Sign an AgreementBoth parties sign the donation agreement.

OpenAtom Partnership

Information Disclosure

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